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08 06, 2019

Daniel Tartaglia Named Director of Development at Haneke Design

Haneke Design has promoted Daniel Tartaglia to his new position as the Director of Development. Daniel has been with the company since 2010 as a developer and has consistently and successfully contributed to the delivery of user-centered solutions for mobile and tablet services to our clients. He has a strong commitment to the success of…

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09 27, 2017

iPhone X: How It’s Impacting Mobile App Designers & Developers

Apple’s “Future Phone” has been announced and will be available on November 3rd. The iPhone X will offer up some new features not available on current iPhones, complete with a new interface, larger screen and a whole new way to unlock it. We took a few moments to ask some of our experts what their…

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06 22, 2017

A Developer’s Take on WWDC 2017: What Apple Didn’t Tell You

By Daniel Tartaglia 6 Things You Didn’t Hear During the WWDC 2017 Keynote What excites your average consumer at the WWDC isn’t necessarily the same thing that excites developers. Last week, thousands of the tech industry’s crème de la crème gathered at the WWDC in San Jose for the yearly conference that reveals Apple’s highly…

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05 05, 2017

Why the Trolley Problem isn’t a Problem for Self-Driving Cars

By Daniel Tartaglia Trolley Problem-like scenarios are a popular trope when discussing self-driving cars. What is the Trolley Problem? The Trolley Problem is an ethical dilemma, usually involving a life or death scenario. Here is the scene: a trolley looses control, and straight ahead on the tracks is a group of 5 people. You have…

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03 13, 2017

Hybrid vs. Native Mobile Apps: Which Is Right For You? (Infographic)

Creating an app is a complex endeavor. In this series, we are breaking down the pros and cons between native and hybrid mobile apps to help determine which method is the right fit for your mobile app idea. Many decisions must be made regarding user experience, appearance, branding, and development approach. There are those who…

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11 23, 2016

Haneke Design Launches Mentors Program, Recognizing Subject Matter Experts

New leadership initiative created to showcase team’s diverse technical proficiencies and disseminate new knowledge to colleagues and clients in new Mentors Program Keeping up with the latest coding languages, applications, and other game-changing new developments like the Internet of Things can be a challenge. For designers and developers already busy with client projects, carving out…

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11 08, 2010

Haneke Design Team Expands Again as Mobile Application Business Skyrockets

Haneke Design, a leading graphic, interactive and user experience design firm, has added two key hires to keep pace with the white hot growth in new and existing clients  tapping the agency for mobile application projects.  Daniel Herman and Daniel Tartaglia have joined as senior designer and mobile application developer, respectively.  Both will be based…

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