Baysource Global - Haneke Design

Baysource Global is a leading manufacturing outsourcing and project management firm located in Tampa, Florida. They offer strategic sourcing solutions for companies seeking to manufacture goods offshore. Their team is made up of highly qualified sourcing and manufacturing professionals who have decades of experience in working with only top-quality facilities in China.

The Requirement

Baysource Global partnered with Haneke Design to formalize a digital marketing strategy with the primary goal of generating new leads. The challenge was to come up with effective approaches to content development as well as social media, ultimately boosting Baysource Global’s digital presence.

Our Solution

The strategy calls for a collaborative approach between Haneke Design and Baysource Global to create content that will provide high value to their target audience. In order to do so, the Haneke Design team monitors trending topics in the outsource manufacturing industry and identifies a range of keywords that are highly searched. They then create custom content around those keywords and properly optimize each digital post to promote discovery more easily by search engines.

Haneke Design has also leveraged an eBook A Beginners Guide to Manufacturing as part of a campaign strategy to convert website visitors to sales leads. The eBook is featured on the homepage of the website and offers viewers a brief preview of its contents. In order to download the entire guide, visitors must enter their email. The book is free, but by offering it Baysource Global has an opportunity to collect emails of people who are interested in their services and further engage them through email marketing.

Additionally, Haneke Design offers social media strategy and execution support in order to leverage social channels where interested parties can be guided to Baysource Global’s website to learn more. This includes paid advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Google AdWords.

The Results

Baysource Global has seen a significant increase in web traffic and inquiries via their website. Within the last year, they have received hundreds of form submissions, three of which have converted to paying clients. In order to track the results of their marketing efforts, Haneke Design continuously monitors Baysource Global’s marketing channels and creates quarterly reports to present their findings and adjusts program details accordingly.

“Haneke Design offers fresh insights to content development and social media strategy,” said David Alexander, CEO of Baysource Global. “They have taken great care to understand the ins and outs of our industry as well as the needs of our target audience, and they have successfully increased our web traffic and conversions. We couldn’t be happier with the results thus far and are excited to continue working with Haneke Design on digital engagement strategies.”