Frank Winston Crum Insurance - Haneke Design

Frank Winston Crum Insurance (FWCI) is an insurance carrier located in Clearwater, Florida. Over the years, they have grown from a single-state insurance carrier to one that is licensed in 37 states for workers’ compensation and continues to expand. FWCI issues Workers’ Compensation and General Liability policies by offering flexible coverage and payment options to meet the varied needs of businesses.

The Requirement

FWCI partnered with Haneke Design to formalize and test a Facebook advertising campaign aimed at generating new leads in a concentrated market. The challenge was to test ads that would appeal to a specific audience of Spanish-speaking insurance agents located in Houston, Texas in order to generate qualified leads and expand their business within the state, while gaining insight into a previously untapped market.

Our Solution

The strategy called for a collaborative approach between Haneke Design and FWCI to create engaging Facebook ads that appeal to their target audience. In order to do so, the Haneke Design team identified the pain points of Hispanic insurance agents, discovering that they have a difficult time finding Spanish speaking insurance providers as well as needing quick and easy quotes. The ads were designed with these pain points in mind and were formatted as lead generation forms so as to keep traffic in Facebook (rather than directing users to another site), in order to encourage a higher conversion rate.

Additional tools in this initial pilot campaign included revamping the FWCI Facebook page to include up-to-date information including articles, photos and reviews, as well as setting up a Facebook pixel to retarget website visitors in future campaigns. Throughout the life of the campaign, Haneke Design continually monitored and adjusted the ads based on performance in order to refine the quality of the leads.

The Results

The Facebook advertising strategy has proven to be a cost-effective marketing tool to expand the FWCI brand and generate new leads. After just 1 month, the ads had over 23,000 impressions and generated 3 qualified leads.

Client Angie Garcia, Vice President of Marketing at FrankCrum, was extremely satisfied with the results of the campaign. “Collaborating with Haneke Design on this project has been an excellent experience since day one,” she said. “Their team works hard to understand our business goals, our values and the needs of our customers, and this was highlighted throughout the design and implementation of this Facebook campaign. We’ve learned so much in just one month and we are excited to continue growing this area of our business.”