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Buzz / 10 28, 2016


Hacking the popular zeitgeist of two historically unpopular presidential candidates presented HandRolled Technologies with a unique social media marketing opportunity this election year.

It’s no secret that many Americans are dreading the upcoming election. Unhappy as they are with the choices, they have to pick the next Commander-in-Chief. While there are many polls measuring the pulse of the American voting public on social media, Worst Election Ever takes a different approach. This poll asks you to pick the worst candidate on the each issue.

HandRolled Technologies, the products arm within Haneke Design, built and designed this website to capture the public’s overwhelming dislike and distrust of both candidates. WorstElectionEver.com invites voters to compare which candidate would be the worst pick. Voters can evaluate the candidates by reviewing statements comparing their capacity for lying, flip flopping, racism, and other negative traits. They can also pick which candidate is worse on issues regarding the economy, security and foreign policy, immigration, and women’s rights.

“The WorstElectionEver.com may be considered a parody of the other more notable polls. We feel it can also help people gain a better perspective on the importance of voting. Even if it’s for someone they don’t particularly care for,” said Jody Haneke, president of HandRolled Technologies.

The web site is simple, and completely unscientific. It features an attention-grabbing motion graphic video built by Haneke Design, created for sharing among friends. The poll results provide HandRolled Technologies with crowdsourced data that is published to social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter in real time. WorstElectionEver.com is an experiment in creating viral lift and social marketing automation, a valuable asset HandRolled will explore further in future ventures.

Site visitors can review the options provided for each issue and cast their vote for which candidate they think is the worst, using the scenario comparisons as their guide. For each question answered, people have the option to share the results on social media if they desire. At the end of the survey, a leaderboard displays. It shows voters how their results compare to other site visitors who have participated in the poll.

Check out WorstElectionEver.com and see who is actually the WORST.


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