How We Do It - Haneke Design

Explore Business Objectives & User Personas

The very first step of our process is to thoroughly understand your business and communicate your business goals. This stage gives us the foundation for understanding user expectation and behaviors; to move forward with the right recommendations for design and development.

Identify User Flows

In this step, we outline the navigation and organizational hierarchy of the entire solution based on the target users and their determined objectives, such as filling out a contact form, creating a user account or making an online purchase.

Develop Design Direction

This is where it gets fun. At this stage in the project we work collaboratively with you to create custom-designed, full color representations for the user interface depicting the common navigation elements, image/content treatments and applicable brand standards (or establish a new design system). We get to the look and feel quickly to help you better visualize where we’re going during the following stages.

UX Wireframe & Prototype

Interactive wireframes look like simple skeletons of your solution without the visual polish of the finished design elements. This allows us to experiment with the user experience and iterate quickly so we have a good sense of how the content, navigation, and functions will lay out across the interfaces.

Production & Development

The software craftsmen at Haneke Design go to work planning out the architecture of your solution, then skillfully execute that plan with an eye for detail. Our multidisciplinary team of developers use industry leading tools within our highly collaborative environment to ensure that the final product not only meets the exacting design specifications, but does so in a stable and performant manner.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Haneke Design has an established testing and quality assurance process that employs a proven test plan with several steps and checklists. During this phase we concentrate on thorough multi-screen testing of the application using all targeted operating systems and device types.