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Jody Haneke

President / Founder
Jody Haneke is the President & Founder of Haneke Design in Tampa, FL. A graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, he has always had a passion for all things design. Since then, Jody Haneke transformed the graphic and interactive design agency he established in 2002 into a full-service custom software development company. Jody plays an integral role in keeping the technology community in Tampa thriving by partnering with Florida Funders and is a key member on the Chairman’s Board of the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation.

Daniel Tartaglia

Director of Development Services
Daniel started programming in high school by following along in a main-frame tutorial and using his TRS-80 4K Level 1 computer. In 1984 he moved up to a Macintosh, and by the late 90’s he had started his career as a professional developer. Throughout his career he has written C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Swift, and is now happy to be active in the next big thing – reactive programming. He can be found on Twitter, Medium, and in the RxSwift Slack channel using the handle danielt1263.

Jason Rivers

Director of Design Services
Jason’s drive is fueled by a passion for usability based on understanding both business goals and user needs. His experience in graphic and interactive design began unconventionally, cutting his teeth as an editorial illustrator. A strong interest in traditional media and the printing process lead to a journey into graphic design. Then, with the rise of the commercial internet, he found his niche. Web and interface design was a natural fit, culminating in a steady stream of interactive projects for clients ranging from venture-funded startups to multi-national enterprises.

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