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Brand Identity / 04 10, 2010

Haneke Design Creates Blog for Tampa Law Firm

side-sinkhole-blogTampa law firm Corless Zinober tapped the Haneke Design team to create a blog that would showcase their expertise in sinkhole issues and claims. The firm’s decision to create a microsite dedicated to this topic is part of a growing trend among industry experts to share specific knowledge with a wider swath of the public, build credibility, and increase dialogue with clients and prospects.

Haneke Design created the logically named Sinkhole Damage blog to help visitors find information quickly – from the time they start searching for it online. Blog visitors can peruse dozens of articles on sinkhole related issues, submit questions, and get relevant legal expertise. The Sinkhole Damage blog’s tone is authoritative but approachable. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the legal experts and submit their questions, giving the blog a community forum atmosphere.

Haneke Design incorporated rotating Flash elements that bring up frequently asked questions on the home page, search functionality, and integration with locator maps where sinkholes are prevalent. In addition, visitors can subscribe to the blog via RSS feed and synch it with their Facebook and twitter accounts.


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