Haneke Design Establishes Brand Identity Ahead of Custom Software Development

Buzz / 10 20, 2023


It seems like everyone has an idea for an app these days, but not everyone has the skills to make and market an app – that’s where Haneke Design comes in. From establishing a brand identity to designing and developing a custom solution, Haneke Design offers comprehensive services from brand inception to customized software development.

I chose Haneke because they are a one-stop shop that covers all our needs, from branding to software development and future marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur wearing many hats, they were able to streamline my process, save me time, and increase efficiencies,” explains Tyler Lasher, Co-Founder of ELUXX. 



When Dara and Tyler Lasher approached Haneke Design, they harbored a vision to revolutionize the beauty and wellness industry through a groundbreaking application. While the finer details were yet to be ironed out, they entrusted Haneke Design to breathe life into their concept.

Transforming an idea into a functional application is more than just coding and design, especially when that application forms the foundation of a new business. Recognizing this, Haneke Design advocated for the establishment of a brand identity, a crucial step to guide the application’s design, as well as any future developments,  and ensure consistency across all interactions.


Bringing the Brand to Life

Haneke’s Brand Identity process kicks off with an in-depth exploration of the client’s broader business objectives. This encompasses pinpointing target audiences and user personas, analyzing competitors, and documenting pivotal factors distinguishing the brand – these form the metaphorical building blocks of a brand’s foundation.

The brand’s visual identity is just the façade, but what makes the house a home is what happens inside — what a business does, who it serves, what differentiates it from its competition, what its values are, what it promises its customers, and what emotional benefits it provides. These components, collectively known as the brand’s positioning and messaging, shape its identity.

Branding is so much more than the visuals – a brand is built on positioning and messaging. Neglecting these core elements breeds inconsistency and customer dissatisfaction,” explains Haneke Design’s Marketing Services Manager, McKenzee Herron. 

The positioning statement tells potential customers why they should choose you – Why your business? The messaging statement delineates a brand’s core values, how it plans to uphold these values, and the emotional resonance it seeks to evoke in its customers.

Image of Eluxx Branding brainstorming

Once the foundation is laid, it’s time to adorn. For ELUXX, this entailed defining its visual identity, determining a new name, and creating a logo.

Haneke Design embarked on the task of defining the brand’s visual identity by curating mood boards. Taking into account all facets of the brand, the team worked on devising a color palette, determining typography and photography styles, and specifying iconography.

Until this point, Haneke Design had been calling the business DT Beauty, a combination of the owner’s initials, so it was time for a real name. In choosing a name, it’s important to select something meaningful, aligned with the products or services offered, and resonant with the target audience. Additionally, it’s important to engage in thorough trademark searches to ensure legal protection.

image of ELUXX name meaning

After multiple iterations and extensive searches, the final name was determined: ELUXX. The Haneke Design team proceeded to craft a distinctive logo, accompanied by a set of icons tailored for application-specific use. 



Now that all facets of the brand identity had been defined, Haneke Design worked to document and compile these elements in a comprehensive guide, or brand book. After all, the aim of a brand identity exercise is to ensure consistency of your brand across all touchpoints, so it’s crucial that you memorialize these elements for future use. 

Haneke Design brought my vision to life, effectively producing a comprehensive brand vision with documentation, that is invaluable for my companies development and marketing,” explains Dara Lasher, Co-Founder of Eluxx.  

Image of comprehensive brand book

ELUXX’s 50-page brand book describes the ELUXX brand down to its core values, customer personas, colors and fonts. The book even provides an elevator pitch written by talented professional copywriters, empowering the ELUXX team to seamlessly articulate the business to potential partners and customers.



The Haneke Design team has wrapped up the initial software development definition sprint process and is underway with the design and development of the ELUXX custom mobile application. The MVP (minimal viable product) is targeted to launch next year! 


About Haneke Design

Haneke Design’s mission is to provide clients with a team of passionate innovators dedicated to harnessing the full potential of digital technologies to amaze and delight end users.

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By leveraging the latest advancements in technology and staying at the forefront of industry trends, Haneke Design empowers businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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