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Buzz / 03 13, 2024


St. Pete-based company SKUx developed state-of-the-art financial technology that will revolutionize the way consumers are paid.

Presenting a groundbreaking solution like SKUx requires more than a standard website—it requires a tailored experience, one that resonates with visitors on a profound level. 

To achieve this kind of experience, you need meticulous planning and design proficiency to bring the vision to life. This is where the adept web design services of Haneke Design can make a transformative difference.


Holistic Website Planning for Seamless User Navigation

To effectively educate a customer on SKUx, Haneke Design first needed to get an in-depth understanding of the company. The Haneke team worked with SKUx to understand their business goals and needs for the website, their audience and their audience’s pain points, and SKUx’s solutions for those pain points and the benefits of those solutions.

We needed a website that was tailored to our company and our solution, so we weren’t looking for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Haneke Design took the time to understand us and our needs, and that shows in the final design,” explains Bryson Hale, VP of Marketing at SKUx.

Armed with this information, Haneke Design worked to determine the necessary types of web pages.

There are the generic pages—the Home page, the About page, the Contact page—every website has these. But smart web design is more than just throwing up the standard pages, it requires a designer to consider a website’s purpose. In SKUx’s case, the Haneke Design team needed to craft a series of web pages that explained what the solution is, who it is for and the value it brings.

Once the requisite pages were identified, Haneke Design strategically arranged these pages to form the website’s overall architecture, ensuring a seamless user journey.


Designing for Intuitive Understanding

With the overall website architecture established, the Haneke Design team turned their attention to the design of these web pages. It was important that the pages maintain a level of minimalism, but still provide a captivating and informative experience for the user.

Prior to Haneke Design’s intervention, SKUx’s website left users with unanswered questions—the pages were generic and not very well organized. With plans to take their technology to market soon, SKUx needed to ensure their website quickly and effectively explained their unique solution and its benefit for customers—this is where Haneke Design is exceptionally talented.

“We don’t just create websites; we craft experiences. Information is presented in a way that aligns with  users’ thought processes, addressing their questions as, or before, they have them,” explains Haneke Design’s Marketing Services Manager, McKenzee Herron.

Equipped with an understanding of who SKU’s target audience is, what their pain points are and how SKUx solves for those pain points, our team worked to craft web pages that were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also effectively conveyed information to users in a logical way.


Enhancing Communication through Graphic Design

Sometimes, words alone can’t do justice–this is where the power of graphic design comes into play, acting as a visual aid. 

person looking at SKUx site on computer

With novel technology being introduced, the Haneke Design team recognized the need for a visual storytelling component. Visuals can often provide an enhanced experience for the user, allowing them to grasp information more quickly and effectively. 

Haneke worked in tandem with SKUx to create dynamic animated graphics that clearly and comprehensively explain SKUx’s solution, while also adhering to the SKUs brand standards. 

Haneke Design’s meticulous craftsmanship has forged a space where innovation and clarity intersect. The result is a custom web design that not only informs but captivates, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who engages with it. 

For businesses pushing the boundaries of technology and seeking to present their solutions to the world, Haneke Design stands as a partner in translating vision into reality, ensuring that groundbreaking ideas like SKUx find their rightful place on the digital stage.


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