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Buzz / 12 18, 2023


By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, small digital marketing teams can achieve remarkable goals. 

AI tools alleviate the resource constraints commonly faced by small teams — they help to streamline tasks and elevate the quality of output, enabling them to scale their efforts and compete with larger counterparts in the digital landscape.

Let’s explore some cutting-edge AI tools that can be game-changers for small digital marketing teams. 


Jasper: Elevating Your Writing Game

Jasper is an AI tool that acts as writing assistant, transforming the way content is created. Whether you’re drafting blog posts, crafting SEO titles, or shaping website text, Jasper simplifies the process for non-writers. With an intuitive user interface and powerful long-form writing capabilities, Jasper stands out in the AI writing landscape. 

Its support for text and image generation, coupled with the ability to customize the “tone of voice”, makes it a go-to tool for businesses and content creators. 


Clearscope: Content Optimization Made Simple

For small digital marketing teams focused on content quality and SEO rankings, Clearscope is a game-changing tool. What sets Clearscope apart is its user-friendly interface, high-quality recommendations, and a unique content grading system. 

This tool knows precisely which keywords to include, how to structure content, and even offers insights into competitor performance. With Google Docs integration and a WordPress plugin, Clearscope seamlessly fits into your content workflow, making it an invaluable asset for content optimization.


Grammarly: Elevate Your Editing Experience

Grammarly, a household name, uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance your writing. From correcting grammar mistakes to offering style suggestions and tone detection, Grammarly covers all bases. Its web-based editor, desktop app, browser extension, and Microsoft Office add-in provide flexibility.

“Grammarly is like my writing sidekick — it catches my grammar mistakes, suggests better words, and refines the flow of my writing effortlessly,” says Marketing Services Manager, McKenzee Herron. Precision in Digital Advertising

In the realm of digital advertising, takes the lead. This tool personalizes and optimizes ad content at scale across various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Bing, and more. 

Functioning as a dynamic laboratory, fine-tunes ad campaigns, uncovering unseen opportunities and demographics. The result? More relevant and efficient ad campaigns that maximize impact and minimize waste.


FeedHive: Mastering Social Media Management

For streamlined social media management, FeedHive emerges as an AI-powered ally. With content recycling and conditional posting, FeedHive empowers small teams to maximize engagement. 

This AI-enabled social media marketing tool accelerates content creation by generating unique and fresh posts. The ability to automate posting through scheduling further frees up time for more strategic endeavors, converting high engagement into valuable sales opportunities.


The synergy between small digital marketing teams and AI tools opens up unprecedented possibilities. By incorporating these top AI tools into your workflow, your team can achieve big goals with efficiency and finesse.

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