Motion Graphics / 02 25, 2014

Voter Registration and Election Management Made Simple with Haneke Design’s New Video for SOE

With the Winter Meeting of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) coming up in less than a month, SOE Software, a global provider of voter registration and election management systems, contacted Haneke Design with an urgent request:  create a video that will highlight the benefits of SOE’s system in time for the company to show it in their booth and at a reception during the meeting.

With literally no time to waste, the Haneke Design team got to work.  Compressing a project that would normally take four weeks into two, they wrote the script, developed storyboards, selected voice over talent, illustrated the graphics and mixed in a royalty-free background music track.

The 1:20 minute  video shows viewers how simple and easy the SOE system is to use.  It underscores the voter registration and election management system’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics, its platform independence, ease of providing transparency and report generation. Because of the platform independence, clients can generate reports anytime, anywhere – from their preferred mobile, laptop, or desktop devices.

Despite the huge rush, the final product turned out polished and its messaging spot on. “The video looks great,” said Maureen Szlemp, SOE’s marketing manager for North America. “Only positive feedback from the group here. You are all rock stars!”






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