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Buzz / 04 26, 2017


Haneke Design’s all-volunteer team updates local chapter’s online presence; helps drive organization’s vision and leadership by joining board

The American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Tampa Bay Chapter website is looking fresher than ever thanks to a Haneke Design makeover. The agency’s design and development teams converted the existing site to the new brand standards set forth by the national American Marketing Association. The conversion was among the first in the country among the AMA’s more than 70 local and regional chapters.

“Since the leadership of the AMA Tampa Bay chapter is laser-focused on enhancing the professional skills of our members, it made sense for us to showcase what a best-in-class website looks like using our national organization’s new and improved branding guidelines,” said Jody Haneke, President of Haneke Design and Vice President of Technology for AMA Tampa Bay. “All of us who are members of the AMA Tampa Bay chapter board of directors strive to model standards of excellence in our respective areas of expertise, and encourage our member to do the same. As a group, we are passionate about continuous learning and sharing best practices.”

The new website’s launch coincided with AMA Tampa Bay’s Marketer of the Year annual awards program held last month.

“We are now one AMA from a branding standpoint and with that our communication is more powerful because we can speak in one clear voice”, added Glenn Zimmerman, President of the AMA Tampa Bay. “At the same time, each chapter is empowered to cater to the specific needs and desires of the local membership. So, we are building out more programming like workshops and networking events as a direct reaction to the requests of our Tampa Bay marketers. These are truly exciting times!”

AMA Tampa Bay’s mission is to foster an interactive community of marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area who are dedicated to the future of marketing. The chapter does this by providing innovative resources and tools, attending conferences and training, hosting monthly keynote luncheons and workshops, organizing social networking events and providing career resources, certification and job search assistance to its members.

Serving marketing professionals in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota and the surrounding areas, the AMA Tampa Bay chapter is 100% volunteer-led.

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