Products / 02 16, 2017

HandRolled Technologies Simplifies Your Invites with New Chatbot Tool, WhoList

Products arm of Haneke Design, HandRolled Technologies, is solving an everyday problem with a mobile-centric approach.

Need to know who’s coming to your weekly poker game, bridal shower or dinner party, but you don’t want to deal with messaging everybody? People can be flaky and there are too many third party paperless invite options that get lost in the mix. Not everyone is on Facebook or responsive on email, but everyone has a cell phone.

WhoList is a chatbot tool that makes it possible to send out group text message invitations and have the replies sent only to the original sender, not the entire group.

The concept for WhoList came about to save time coordinating your guest list and keep tabs on exactly who’s coming to your next event.

Simply navigate to in your favorite browser to create your event, invite your friends and everyone gets an individual text message allowing them to reply with IN or OUT. WhoList will take care of the rest and it always shows you an updated list.

You, as the event planner, will receive a notification every time one of your invitees responds.

Animated Explainer Video

HandRolled Technologies called on Haneke Design to create an explainer video to convey the many uses of WhoList.

Say goodbye to the days of herding cats.



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