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Buzz / 10 01, 2009

Haneke Design Brings Integrated Management Solutions’ Vision to Life

Side-VictualNetDesigning a good-looking Web site is pretty standard fare these days.  But it’s quite another challenge to design a Web site that can take a client’s game-changing vision for online ordering and inventory management and explain the product successfully to a customer base that is largely set in its ways and uncomfortable with change.  But that’s exactly what Haneke Design, a multidisciplinary design firm specializing in graphic, interactive, and user experience design and mobile Web solutions, did for Integrated Management Solutions (Integrated) with the launch of VictualNet (http://www.victualnet.com).

VictualNet is the latest food industry software solution from the 21-year-old company. Haneke Design created custom information graphics that demonstrate the new concept. The fully customized Joomla Web site is built on a carefully researched search engine optimized (SEO) foundation to build traffic organically.  In addition, the site is fully integrated with HubSpot to deliver comprehensive tracking and reporting back to the client.

VictualNet’s Web-based software-as- a-service (SaaS) model is a quantum leap for the industry.  It allows food distributors and processors to migrate all the data from their existing ordering, and inventory systems into the new Web-based program, which features QuickBooks integration, inventory, and order management and tracking functionality.  Instead of upgrading and managing multiple systems, VictualNet’s clients can sign up online and run their whole business on the SaaS for a monthly fee.

In addition to its Web site design and online marketing capabilities, Haneke Design has extensive experience in mobilizing Web applications in the form of installed iPhone applications and in optimizing mobile Web sites.  The firm’s deep knowledge of Apple’s technical requirements for iPhone applications has made them a go-to resource for some of the country’s top brands.  Haneke Design has met the challenge of delivering Web content to the vast majority of handsets in use today.

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Integrated Management Solutions brings over 75 years of management experience in the food distribution industry and over 20 years in software development.  Integrated Management Solutions provides “No-Nonsense” yet innovative, web based food software solutions and support services to food processors and distributors of all sizes and shapes. Our customers, located all over the United States, range from full-line distributors to distributors and processors who specialize in all types of meat, poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, grocery and specialty items.  For more information, visit www.foodconnex.com or www.victualnet.com.


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