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Buzz / 04 29, 2013

Haneke Design Creates Responsive E-Commerce Web Site for PrayerBowls

pb-sidebarHaneke Design’s latest responsive e-commerce web site, PrayerBowls.com, is now live. The web site and soon-to-be- launched companion mobile application were created to realize the dreams of Karen Berry, a Tampa woman whose journey back to health from a debilitating illness was buoyed by a network of family, friends, and strangers who prayed for her recovery. Prayerbowls.com offers beautiful porcelain prayer bowls that are made in Portugal in Oporto, a city with a centuries-old reputation for producing high quality ceramics.

“As soon as we met Karen and heard her story, we couldn’t wait to build this web site,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “Her mission resonates with so many people who have relied on others’ prayers for healing or comfort in difficult times, and offers them a way to share something that is beautiful and spiritually meaningful with people they love.”

Shortly after giving birth to her child a few years ago, Karen became gravely ill. After enduring months of treatments and multiple surgeries, she finally began to recover. She discovered that among the hundreds of people who prayed for her during that time, a woman named Angie – someone she had never even met – prayed for her every day for a year.  Angie wrote the names of those for whom she would pray daily on a card and kept them in a prayer bowl. Karen was so deeply moved by this that she began searching for prayer bowls to give to others. The enthusiastic reception her gifts received inspired her to turn her new passion into a business.

Prayer Bowls are meant to be placed in a location where one can enjoy moments of quiet reflection and prayer throughout the day – such as a desk, bedside table, or side table next to a favorite chair. A stack of prayer cards, on which you can write the name of the person in need of prayers and for whom you intend to pray daily, is included with each prayer bowl purchase. There are presently two styles available: The Celeste, a white bowl with golden edges adorned with honey colored Swarovski crystals in a center cross and the verse from Romans 12:12 encircling the rim; and The Angie, a white bowl encircled with ocean blue and a semi-matte gold rim. The bowl also features a two color toned cross with one large clear Swarovski crystal in the center and the verse from Philippians 4:6.

“The Haneke Design team created a web site that perfectly captures my vision for PrayerBowls.com and lovingly showcases the beauty and simplicity of these bowls,” said Karen Berry. “The shopping experience is easy and pleasant. We are thrilled with the web site and are very excited about the coming launch of the Prayer Bowl app, which will allow those who wish to find moments to pray the ability to access the petitions they have in their virtual prayer bowls and offer them up to God no matter where they are.”


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