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Buzz / 01 03, 2017


Responsive website, built by Haneke Design, caters an e-commerce experience to an audience of poker lovers and action junkies, alike.

Co-founded by award winning designer Jody Haneke, and business attorney Rod Neuman, DGEN is a lifestyle apparel brand that embodies the relentless pursuit of passion. The entrepreneurial duo found a hole in the retail market – they were searching for a lifestyle brand that could be versatile enough to wear on the golf course and at the poker tables.

Audiences Segmentation
The team called on the experience of Haneke Design, both to create a brand identity and an easy e-commerce experience for the new clothing label. The logo was the first step. Haneke Design captured the sharp, yet relaxed essence of what it means to be a DGEN. In case you are wondering, “A DGEN works hard, plays harder. He or she lives life on the line. When you reach that sweet spot where passion meets obsession, you ARE a DGEN.”

This mission statement can be felt throughout the brands online presence. Haneke Design built an e-commerce experience with a push for social media integration. Being a lifestyle brand, DGEN focuses on putting on events to help spread their presence. “Having our social media channels integrated into the shopping experience was critical for us,” says Jody Haneke, co-founder of DGEN. Whether its maintaining an active blog, or installing a tool that automatically uploaded the company’s Instagram content to the homepage, Haneke Design had a social-first approach.

DGen HoodiesMaking sure the website thrived on the mobile view was top-of-mind. “We want to be able to engage with our customers wherever they are,” says Haneke. “Our first clients began as our immediate friend group, but the company’s influence has been spreading quickly via social media,” he notes.

Brand Identity
Maintaining a consistent brand identity is always part of the challenge when starting a new company. After careful audience segmentation, Haneke Design drilled down the demographics to create a product that would resonate with the brand’s target customer.

E-Commerce Strategy
DGEN’s first official collection launched in 2016, with a variety of fleece hoodies and puff-embroidered hats all featuring the signature logo. “Starting with a small batch to ensure quality of our goods was extremely important to us,” adds Rod Neuman. “Haneke Design helped us showcase our products in a crisp and easy-to-navigate way on our e-commerce store.”

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