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Buzz / 03 19, 2014

Haneke Design, Find and Convert Partner to Redesign Web Site and Optimize New Content for Crimson Hexagon

Haneke Design, a leading interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, today announced the launch of the new responsive web site designed and developed for client Crimson Hexagon. The Boston-based provider of social media monitoring and analytics empowers marketers and market researchers to listen to online conversations and understand the opinions of consumers, shoppers, and audiences expressed on social media. Haneke Design partnered with Palm Harbor-based agency Find and Convert to bring effective user experience, responsive design, and front-end development to the Find and Convert’s strategy, messaging, and content optimization.

“Since Crimson Hexagon’s web site is a main generator of its highest quality leads, it needed a new responsive web site that would make it as easy as possible for prospects and clients to access and navigate the site from any device,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “This new web site will facilitate greater conversion of visitors to leads, and pass those leads along to the sales team for faster conversion into sales.”


Find and Convert helped Crimson Hexagon develop its entire digital marketing strategy. “From the outset of their plans to redesign their website, we worked with Crimson Hexagon to develop the content strategy, navigation strategy and URL infrastructure to complete the website’s audience-focused information architecture,” said Bernie Borges, CEO of Find and Convert. “We collaborated with the Haneke Design team so they could integrate the architecture into a newly designed website.”

Crimson Hexagon’s text analysis algorithm was created at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science by its director, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor Gary King, and his team of social scientists and statisticians. Dr. King and Crimson Hexagon’s team of data scientists and researchers continue to invent, innovate, and make progress in improving their algorithms and adding new technologies, features, and services.

“Our web site was outdated and perhaps most importantly, it was not mobile device-friendly,” said Curt Bloom, president of Crimson Hexagon. “We are extremely pleased to have a web site with an engaging, contemporary new look, content that is optimized for search engines and easily understood by humans, and simple navigation that does not require pinching or zooming to read. This helps make the site work much more effectively and drive more revenue for us.”


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