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Buzz / 10 11, 2012

Haneke Design Helps Tampa Kids GETSMART about Tech

ut-sidebarHaneke Design, a leading mobile application developer, will be a major sponsor of the GETSMART event taking place at the University of Tampa this Saturday.  GETSMART, which stands for Getting Everyone to Study Math and Related Technologies, is an educational and mentoring program of an academic-industry partnership between the University of Tampa’s Information & Technology Management department and the non-profit, Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Association (TBTLA).

“We are very proud to sponsor GETSMART and support their mission,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design.  “As a father of three young children, I am amazed at how easily my ‘digital natives’ use computers and mobile devices to learn, connect and explore.  But I also know that it’s not enough for today’s kids to be comfortable with technology for them to succeed in tech careers.  They need the right kind of education and training to be able to take full advantage of tomorrow’s tech economy.  So getting them fired up to choose a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career is something my team and I are very passionate about.”

The free event takes place October 13th from 9:30 a.m – 2 p.m. at the University of Tampa’s Sykes College of Business, Room 134, 401 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa.  It is open to all students in the 4th-12th grade, will feature fun and interactive Science, Technology, and Math – related activities, a panel of professionals who are involved in STEM careers, lunch, and chances to win exciting prizes like iPads, Kindles, and more.

The goal of GETSMART is to identify, influence and mentor 4th-12th grade students in West-Central Florida to pursue STEM related education and careers. The program strives to increase the number of students who select math, science and information technology as further education or a career field by broadening their understanding of the importance of these studies, and raising awareness that math, science and technology are interlaced into many careers.

Students who may or may not have an interest in math, science or technology, but have a potential to exceed in these areas and would like to meet some mentors and learn more about these fields are encouraged to attend.

To register, please contact Ms. Kelly Ross at (727) 796-0727 x 304, or kellyr@prattbrown.com, or Ms. Dale Hempel at (813) 220-5332 or dalehempel@earthlink.net.


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