Meet Lauren McBride: Project Manager, Efficiency Expert and App Lover - Haneke Design

Buzz / 04 05, 2024


Lauren McBride joined the Haneke team as a Software Development Project Manager in September 2023.

She was drawn to Haneke’s in-person approach to business and looked forward to living in Tampa.

“Tampa was exactly the area I wanted to be in,” Lauren explains. “And the Haneke Design team met in-person, which I really liked, because I know a lot of other companies now that are fully remote where you don’t get to interact with people or you don’t get to meet with your clients because they’re not local.”

Before coming to Haneke, McBride worked on one of the most pressing problems of the pandemic—supply chain management. As in-person connections declined and the workforce went remote, McBride helped companies get their products to customers by improving their shipping processes.

“A lot of my responsibilities dealt with finding new ways for companies to improve their processes for the supply chain,” says McBride. “That’s something that we do a lot of at Haneke—improving our processes to be more efficient.

But at Haneke, those processes end in cool apps, allowing you to see the manifestation of all your work.

Now, Lauren delights in a more social post-pandemic workplace where she can meet with local clients, brainstorm with colleagues, and see how technology can transform a business. 

She’s already putting her organization and time management skills to good use: planning and managing projects of her own, and helping other project managers do whatever’s necessary to keep a project on track.

“Every single day is extremely different, and the projects we get to work on are really cool,” says McBride.

Her favorite projects, by far, are the apps, especially the ones she can imagine herself using.

“I really like when we work on apps that I know I’m going to be a user of. There’s a beauty app that we’re working on right now, and I’m so excited for it to launch because I know I would use it.”

Lauren’s journey from tackling supply chain challenges during the pandemic to spearheading transformative app projects at Haneke Design exemplifies her knack for optimizing processes and embracing the potential of technology. 

With a keen eye for efficiency and a passion for creating meaningful solutions, Lauren thrives in the dynamic environment of project management, where every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Her enthusiasm for collaborating with clients and colleagues underscores the value of interpersonal connections in fostering creativity and driving success.



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