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Buzz / 06 07, 2021

Haneke Design Launches Website for BeeSmart RX, Putting Patients in Charge of their Healthcare Needs

BeeSmart Rx is a healthcare technology provider that works to create a more patient-centered system, prioritizing easier decision making and communication between consumers and pharmacies. The BeeSmart Rx mobile application connects patients to a network of independent community pharmacies where they can shop for the best price and choose the pharmacy that suits their specific needs. BeeSmart Rx partnered with Haneke Design to implement these patient-centered goals of the company into both the website and the design of their mobile application.

The BeeSmart Rx app works great for insured and uninsured patients. Uninsured users now have the ability to find the best pricing options among different local pharmacies and easily purchase their medications directly from their phone. Once a pharmacy is chosen, the patient’s payment or insurance information is automatically submitted, creating a frictionless user experience. Within the app, users have the ability to transfer prescriptions between pharmacies with just a tap of a button and track the status of requests.

With the fastest delivery time and lowest price in the market, BeeSmart Rx is definitely on a mission to simplify healthcare and improve the pharmacy experience for every patient.

The new website provides in-depth information about BeeSmart Rx and their commitment to creating a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem. The website serves the purpose of giving users a comprehensive understanding of the BeeSmart company and the services they offer to customers. In order to ensure that users are confident in their decisions, the website features a blog portion with breakdowns of common dilemmas that users encounter and how to go about solving them. This section allows BeeSmart Rx to have a location for publishing articles that support an ongoing content marketing strategy.

“The Haneke Design team has done a fantastic job of recognizing our company’s goals and objectives and demonstrating those in both the app design and the website,”said Hector Crespo, CEO and Founder of BeeSmart Rx. “We couldn’t be happier with the new website and what this means for engaging with our customers.”

The website features a cohesive design that is carried throughout by consistent illustrations and hexagonal shapes that tie into the bee theme of the company. Consistency is key to drawing viewers in and to creating a seamless user experience.

Haneke Design also implemented a chatbot feature into the website that provides users with an interactive experience to quickly answer common questions. This feature is key to ensuring that users have an easy time navigating the site and getting answers quickly to needed questions. The chatbot is accessible from every page and pulls dialogue from the FAQ section of the website.

Having an efficient online counterpart to your business is important for engaging with your desired audience. Are you interested in upgrading your website or creating a mobile app? Feel free to reach out to Haneke Design.



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