Haneke Design Partners with Huddle Health on Website Redesign, Helping Patients Huddle Up Their Medical Records

Buzz / 02 07, 2022



Huddle Health, a mobile application by health IT pioneer DrFirst, makes managing care for patients and caregivers easier by gathering and storing health information in one central location. With its secure and simple-to-use experience, Huddle Health allows users to collect and share their health records from anywhere. 

Huddle Health’s former website was primarily informational, but with the help of Haneke Design, the new site engages users with well-organized information and an appealing interface.


New Site Layout

Upon opening the new Huddle Health website, visitors are welcomed to a homepage which prominently displays screenshots from the application itself. These screenshots are enhanced by parallax scrolling that animates images as one scrolls through the page. These animations are carried throughout the site’s pages, delivering a dynamic effect without burdening load times.  

Hover-reactive drop-down menus link to additional pages, including a list of user profiles housed within the “Who Huddle Helps” tab. The profiles in this tab represent the different categories of Huddle Health’s users: patients, parents, caregivers, and providers. Within each is a snapshot of how Huddle Health alleviates common pain points in these user groups associated with accessing and organizing medical data. 

Huddle Health strives to promote the stories of its users. To support this, the site features a blog that is accessible via the “Resources” tab. The blog is a source of information for Huddle Health users, ranging from healthcare news to case studies in which Huddle Health has proven itself as a beneficial tool for medical record organization. 


Design Tools

To create the new, fully responsive Huddle Health website, the Haneke Design team utilized Elementor, a front-end design plugin for WordPress which strikes a balance between ease of use and full customization capability. The tool gives web designers creative liberty, while simplifying the back-end experience with drag-and-drop site elements. 

The web designers at Haneke Design focused on creating custom post types and fields on the back-end as well, to simplify modifications and updates for site administrators. This ease-of-use feature is critical for websites like Huddle Health, whose pages will be updated continuously with information such as user testimonials and blog posts.

Elementor also enables exciting visuals, like the animated scrolling graphics on Huddle Health’s new website. Lottie, an Elementor widget, provides access to a library of animated file types, making these dynamic graphics possible.

With the new Huddle Health website, Haneke Design has delivered an interface that keeps all users, from site visitors to admins, in mind. Improved site content organization and animated page graphics engage visitors on the front-end, while back-end optimization aims to improve the experience of updating site content.  

“The process was seamless, from start to finish,” said Miguel Elasmar, Senior Product Designer at DrFirst. “Our teams communicated very well together, and we at DrFirst are very happy with the design and usability of the end product. We look forward to working with Haneke Design again on future projects.”

Having an up-to-date, appealing, and user-friendly website sets your business apart and keeps your customers coming back for more.

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