Haneke Design Talks Investable Technology at Synapse Summit 2020 - Haneke Design

Buzz / 02 04, 2020


Jody Haneke and Eric Burkhard of Haneke Design have teamed up with Florida Funders to discuss building and identifying investable technology that scales with growth.

Synapse Summit is an annual gathering of everything innovative and entrepreneurial in Florida and beyond. This year, the two-day event at Amalie Arena is expected to attract over 6,000 attendees from across the country to learn, explore, and celebrate the possibilities in technology.

This year, Haneke Design’s Jody Haneke, CEO, and Eric Burkard, Director of Account Services, are partnering with Florida Funders to share their professional experiences around industry best practices in software development as well as key items to look for when evaluating attractive technology for investors. Their session will be held on Wednesday, February 12 at 4 pm on Synapse Stage 5 – Level 4, Section Club 6.

“Synapse Summit is one of our favorite events of the year,” said Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design. “It provides a space for thought leaders to connect and inspire one another, which in turn fuels innovation. I am honored to be part of such an amazing event and community.”

Interested in attending? Visit https://synapsefl.com/summit to learn more and purchase your tickets today. See you there!


About Synapse

Synapse Florida is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to accelerate success in Florida’s thriving economies.

The Synapse Summit is the premier innovation event in Florida. It is a 2-day celebration by and for entrepreneurs, investors, C-suite executives, talent, corporations, educational institutions, students, government officials, innovators and more. This event provides the opportunity to share their innovations and network with each other to stimulate success across the State.


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