Haneke Design’s Website Redesign and Rebranding Efforts for Mad Beach Watersports Yield Tremendous Results

Brand Identity / 07 03, 2019


Mad Beach Watersports provides fun activities to those who want to make their stay in Madeira Beach more exciting. Their services include parasailing trips, fishing charters, and jet ski rentals that are just minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico. Their team ensures quality equipment, guidance, safety, and beautiful views of Florida’s finest beaches. After identifying the need for a brand refresh, Mad Beach Watersports partnered with Haneke Design to formalize a digital marketing strategy and launch a new responsive website. 

“Everyone knows that Florida has beautiful beaches; however, what they don’t know is the extent to which companies like ours are dedicated to providing visitors with great experiences on those beaches. Haneke Design’s dedicated team and sophisticated digital strategy helped us elevate our brand to a status that is capable of effectively doing so,” said Hale Wilson, Founder of Mad Beach Watersports. 

Prior to this partnership, the company’s digital presence was divided among its three branches of service, each of which was branded separately. Haneke Design consolidated these services into one cohesive brand and website underneath the umbrella of Mad Beach Watersports.

The rebrand was visualized through a logo refresh that accommodates their unified business model. Their new marketing strategy takes an approach geared towards reinforcing the efforts to consolidate Mad Beach into a distinguished company across social media. Changes to the website optimized the rebranding as well. The Haneke Team was able to integrate Mad Beach’s photography into the website, giving it a personalized touch, and converted the site from Wix to WordPress, which allowed for a more customized design. This model was made more accessible through improved SEO, a mobile-friendly design, and Google Adwords consulting. 

“Responses to these small yet significant changes have been very positive. Granting mobile access was especially huge for Mad Beach Watersports, considering that 90% of their website traffic now flows from mobile devices,” said Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design. “This project successfully demonstrates the positive impacts that a simple website redesign can have on a business and serves as a wonderful indication of how quickly an effective digital strategy can yield results.”


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