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Buzz / 05 30, 2012

Keyoobi is Now Sales Navigator!

sales-navigator-sidebarKeyoobi, the mobile app created to let users see their day’s appointments as a route using Google Maps, has made some changes based on enthusiastic early adopter feedback and been given a new name:  Sales Navigator.  The Sales Navigator app shows users the exact amount of travel time they’ll have between appointments, displays the best route to get there, and identifies clients or prospects in the vicinity that may be scheduled in along the way. Available in the App Store in Apple’s iTunes, Sales Navigator can be customized by an organization’s sales force to better plan, manage, and close more deals by integrating their contacts, locations, and calendars for greater productivity Haneke Design, a long-time partner of The Casey Group, collaborated on the design and development of both Keyoobi and Sales Navigator to ensure elegant and intuitive user experiences that complemented the apps’ functions and backend integration. Sales Navigator is currently being used by individuals and sales organizations in 20 countries worldwide with the United States representing 75% of total sales followed by Australia, Great Britain, and Germany. Based on user feedback, Sales Navigator is the only app that seamlessly integrates their contact data bases with their calendars and then displays that information on Google maps. Sales Navigator allows users to plan their schedules and manage their travel, appointments, and contacts in a way no other app on the market can. Sales Navigator helps users to clearly see the “Who, Where and When” of their professional and personal travels. More details about the Sales Navigator app and a video demonstrating how to use it can be found at


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