Leading Emergency Veterinary Hospital’s Web Site Gets New Look - Haneke Design

Buzz / 08 26, 2016


Haneke Design’s update for BluePearl Veterinary Partners helps pet parents find emergency care, information fast.

What a terrifying situation: It’s the weekend, and things are going fine until you discover that your furry best friend is suddenly desperately ill. Your vet is closed, and you need to find help, stat. Googling emergency veterinary hospitals, you’re likely to find BluePearl.  The national specialty and emergency pet hospital has redesigned its web site to address the needs of pet parents who find themselves in these stressful situations. The new responsive web site, designed and developed by Haneke Design, serves up critical information like the nearest hospital based on your location and directions for getting there in just one click.

“Haneke Design helped us to further refine the way we deliver information to our primary audiences – pet parents and primary care veterinarians,” said Jessica Camara, Digital Marketing Manager at BluePearl Veterinary Partners.  “Their team understands our business goals as well as the priorities of our customers, and has taken great care to deliver an optimal user experience.”

In addition to listing the closest emergency hospital right on the home page, the new BluePearl Veterinary Partners responsive web site includes content-rich sections devoted to patient information, a pet library, the history, latest news, leadership, and career opportunities offered at BluePearl, and even information about clinical trials. For veterinarians, the web site offers information about referrals, continuing education, and a portal for accessing patient records.

“Our team’s approach was to work closely with the BluePearl team to understand how we could improve upon an online presence that was already quite good, and make it even better,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “This new web site more explicitly highlights BluePearl’s competitive advantages, anticipates the questions of frantic pet owners dealing with a very sick or injured animal, and helps them figure out what to do next.”


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