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Buzz / 05 25, 2022

Mark Smith Named Director of Development at Haneke Design

Mark Smith Director of Development Portrait

Haneke Design is thrilled to announce an internal promotion of Mark Smith, who will be assuming a new role as Director of Development Services.

Mark has been an employee of Haneke Design for more than six years and has, in that time, proven himself an invaluable asset. 

After graduating from the coding bootcamp The Iron Yard, Mark came to work for Haneke Design as an in-house Rails developer. His first few years of development experience strengthened his coding proficiency–not only with Rails, but with a myriad of other tools and front-end frameworks as well. 

As a result of this versatility, Mark’s title was soon updated to full-stack developer: In this role, his additional responsibilities involved a mix of both front and back-end coding work on custom API projects. 

Mark has always been respected for his talent in software development, but he is also admired for his positive attitude, organizational skills, and ability to work well with a team: It is for these reasons that he was promoted to the position of Web Development Team Lead in which he was responsible for overseeing Haneke Design’s development resources.

With a proven history of technical proficiency coupled with superior leadership qualities, Mark was the perfect candidate to assume the Director of Development role. Mark will remain responsible for managing the development department’s resources, but will now also oversee all aspects of our web and mobile application projects.

“I’m already working on setting new procedures and getting standards of practice in place for better departmental organization,” said Mark when asked what he is most looking forward to in the new role. “Not only that, but I’m eager to get the department involved in making decisions. I think that the best decisions are made by listening to the feedback of your teammates, and I’m looking forward to hearing their input on how we can be even more successful and efficient.”

“I’m super excited that Mark’s agreed to step into this role,” said Jody Haneke, Founder and CEO of Haneke Design. “I love seeing our team here grow professionally, and it’s always gratifying to be able to promote from within. Mark’s gone above and beyond in every role he’s held here, which made him the clear choice for this position. I can’t wait to see all that he accomplishes in this new role.”

Click here to read Mark’s bio on our Director’s page, and please join us in congratulating Mark on his promotion!


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