Meet Landon Smothers: the Self-Taught Web Design Intern - Haneke Design

Buzz / 05 23, 2023


This graduation season, we are excited to highlight our web design intern who has taken an unconventional path to his career!

With the help of online courses and his own motivation, Landon taught himself front-end development before he even graduated high school. He spent many hours after school studying coding languages and began to see a future for himself in the tech industry. 

After a year of focusing on front-end development, Landon shifted his attention to web design courses.

This shift provided Landon with a new-found passion for web design, and it became clear to him that he wanted to find a career path that allowed him to pursue both of his passions: development and design. 

Despite pressure from his family to go to college, Landon realized that he had already built a foundation for himself and he was eager to get his career started. 

Landon made the decision to forego college and began applying to entry-level jobs in the tech and design industries. 

Landon faced challenges with being hired at other companies due to his lack of experience and formal education. However, his skills in design programs, like Figma, and his determination to improve caught the eye of Haneke’s Director of Design, Jason Rivers. 

“Landon had very little direct experience, but he was eager, had a great attitude, and his portfolio reflected untapped talent,” explains Jason Rivers.

Landon met with Jason for a first-round interview and immediately knew Haneke was the kind of place he was looking for. 

After a couple of additional interviews, Landon accepted a web design internship position at Haneke. 

During his time as an intern with Haneke Design, Landon has learned how to use design software and credits this role with helping him enhance his design skills. He approaches his work with an open mind, always looking for ways to improve and create better designs. 

 “I’m grateful Haneke Design gave me a chance. I’ve learned so much and have gained so many new skills in such a short amount of time here, and I’m really excited to take on more responsibility and grow with the company,” says Landon. 

Landon has set his sights on transitioning into a full-time position with Haneke Design.

He looks forward to taking on more challenges and collaborating with the talented designers on the team.

As we celebrate graduation season, Landon Smothers is truly an inspiration! He showcases that with determination and willpower, formal education is not the only path to landing that first job. 


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