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Buzz / 07 14, 2015


Fitlife Foods, a fast growing independent retailer of healthy, fresh-prepared meals that is transforming bodies and lifestyles throughout Tampa Bay, transformed itself online this week with the launch of its brand new website.

Created by Haneke Design in collaboration with Fitlife Foods founder David Osterweil and his team, the new mobile-responsive website reflects the energy, fun and can-do attitude of Fitlife’s approach to healthy, active living. The entire web presence was built upon a custom WordPress content management system, which allows Fitlife Foods’ administrators the ability to easily and efficiently update site content when needed.

“As somewhat food-obsessed and fitness conscious ourselves, we had a great time working with Fitlife Foods to showcase their delicious, beautifully prepared foods, share their inspiring story, and motivate people to achieve their ultimate wellness potential by engaging with Project U,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design.

The new website features photos of all of Fitlife’s culinary creations, complete with pricing and nutritional information, as well as fit, vibrant people shopping in the stores, working out, and enjoying healthy meals while on the go. Visitors following specific diet regimens such as low carb and gluten free will have no problem identifying meals that meet their requirements.

David Osterweil founded Fitlife Foods in Tampa in 2011 to help customers do more in their lives with high-quality, healthy prepared meals for busy, on-the-go, fitness-minded consumers. He took the guesswork out of the nutritional content to maximize his customer’s energy by balancing low glycemic, high fiber carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat, and serving it in the right portion sizes.

The full list of ingredients and calorie count of each item are visible on all Fitlife Foods packages – to help customers plan their total daily calorie consumption. Osterweil wanted to offer customers healthy food that defied the stereotypical perceptions of such meals equaling tofu and sprouts. Fitlife’s menu includes such fan favorites as: Chicken Enchilada, BBQ Beef with Mac n’ Cheese, Miso Salmon, Chicken Tacos and more. There are over 60+ breakfast, meals and snacks in refrigerated coolers in Fitlife’s stores around Tampa Bay. Fitlife Foods currently operates seven retail locations and six kiosk spots across Tampa Bay and has plans for development into a number of markets in the Southeast over the next several months.

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