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Brand Identity / 04 22, 2014

Social Video Sharing App WeVue Launches

Pictures on phoneSaxon Baum and Taylor Wallace, recent arrivals to the Tampa Bay tech scene, came to Haneke Design president Jody Haneke with an idea.  They wanted to create a mobile application that would allow people to crowdsource content from guests of events they’d attended – everything from private family celebrations to massive public festivals –and using an in-app video editor, turn the collected images into a video that could be shared across the web.  Haneke and his team loved the idea and the chance to help two young entrepreneurs turn their vision into a successful enterprise.  Today, Haneke Design is proud to announce the launch of WeVue, the mobile application they worked with Baum and Wallace to name, design, develop and brand. The app is available for free download for iPhone and iPad in Apple’s iTunes as well as the web site,

“We are very excited about WeVue’s entry into the hot social video sharing space,” said Haneke. “Mentoring the next generation of startups is a high priority for us.  Haneke Design has been fortunate to have had successful mobile project collaborations with many great companies here.  We want to pay it forward by investing in new enterprises like WeVue and partnering with the founders to bring more innovative mobile applications to the marketplace.”

The WeVue app lets users gather photos and videos from any event and then turn those group memories into shareable event movies made up of content captured by anyone who was present. Instead of contacting other attendees for their photos and videos, WeVue allows everyone to capture content together during or after the event. With everyone’s content in one central application, users can create their own personalized Vue of the event using the simple editor Haneke Design created in the WeVue app.

“Thanks to the early leadership role Jody and his team took with the WeVue concept, we received outstanding strategic and technical direction as well as production support for the development of this app,” said Baum.


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