Haneke Design Delivers Mobile Application in Less than 45 Days Ahead of HappyCo’s Biggest Conference of the Year

Buzz / 07 25, 2023


Haneke Design’s swift mobile application delivery elevates HappyCo’s appeal at the Apartmentalize Conference by providing potential customers with seamless interactive demos of their solutions.

HappyCo is a real-time multifamily operations platform that offers innovative software solutions to property management companies, catering to the diverse needs of multi-family properties such as apartment complexes, duplexes, and townhomes.

As the highly anticipated Apartmentalize conference approached, it became evident that a fresh approach was required in order to effectively showcase HappyCo’s services to potential customers. At the time, HappyCo’s sales process relied heavily on manual efforts, with representatives giving in-person software presentations to prospects. However, this method proved time-consuming, outdated, and demanded substantial sales effort.

HappyCo sought a solution to showcase its products to the vast audience of potential customers at the upcoming conference, which was less than 45 days away. Thus, the demand for a dynamic and engaging way to present their offerings arose, empowering them to leave a lasting impression on attendees and stand out in the competitive market.


Haneke Creates “Demo” Application for HappyCo

After identifying HappyCo’s pain points and immediate needs, Haneke Design quickly worked to develop an iPad application that would assist sales representatives at the Apartmentalize Conference.

This application functioned as an interactive tutorial, enabling users to seamlessly navigate through different screens while showcasing the software’s features through captivating animations. With built-in scalability, sales representatives could effortlessly customize the presentation to cater to the specific software needs and interests of each potential customer.

An additional advantage was the application’s dual functionality. On one hand, it served as a powerful tool for personalized sales presentations, while on the other, its user-friendly interface allowed potential customers to embark on self-guided tours, exploring the software’s capabilities at their own pace.

The application combined what had been a cumbersome, two-step sales approach into one, streamlined presentation.

Haneke Design, true to its promise, delivered the application within HappyCo’s timeline, ensuring its successful unveiling at the Apartmentalize Conference this past June.


Application Yields Positive Results at Apartmentalize Trade Show

The application proved to be very beneficial, attracting many people to the HappyCo trade show booth.

The application allowed sales representatives to make real-time, high-level presentations in a more engaging and effective manner. It also allowed representatives to adapt their presentation to the interest level of each prospect.

With the application’s real-time, high-level presentations, sales representatives could effortlessly captivate and engage the audience, making their pitch all the more effective.

Beyond serving as a mere marketing tool, the application underscored HappyCo’s prowess as a technology solution provider, reinforcing its position as an innovative force within the property management industry

“Haneke Design was extremely responsive, agile, and consultative throughout the project. They delivered a best-in-class app on time and within budget. I highly recommend the Haneke team and would not hesitate to work with them again,” explains Tazha Layman, HappyCo’s VP of Marketing. 

Sales representatives were thrilled with the app’s performance, and HappyCo is already considering additional expansions to enhance and expand its capabilities.


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