Tampa Bay Business Journal Interviews Haneke Design on Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ - Haneke Design

Buzz / 04 23, 2015


google-sideHaneke Design President, Jody Haneke, spoke with the Tampa Bay Business Journal regarding Google’s newest and most impactful search engine update since it’s inception, dubiously called, “Mobilegeddon”.

Local web services firms and search engine experts say Google’s move is a reaction to growing smartphone and tablet use by consumers. This search algorithm change will weed out websites with inferior content, or specifically content that is not ‘mobile-friendly’. Google’s brand is centered on organic web search and helping users find what they are looking for and have a great user experience when they reach their destination.

The new Google will effectively reward mobile-enabled website with higher page rankings for organic search results than site that are not responsive to smaller screen sizes.

“If you’re not embracing mobile, you’re making a huge mistake,” Haneke Design President Jody Haneke said in a phone call from his Tampa office. “Honestly, if you are not moving in that direction, you will be irrelevant.”

You can read the full article on the Tampa Bay Business Journal website. Haneke Design also participated in a Twitter chat with other colleagues in the Tampa Bay area on the topic. You can view a feed of the chat here.




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