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Buzz / 10 14, 2016


Director of Development Services at Haneke Design, Jesse Curry shares insights for hiring in the interactive design space with Tampa Bay Times.

Tech boot camp Iron Yard Academy, hosted its annual Demo Day on October 7th right here in Tampa Bay. Its a chance for recent grads of the coding program to hear from members of the local tech scene, and potentially meet their next employer.

The Tampa Bay Times spotted Jesse Curry, the Director of Development Services, in the crowd after he addressed a packed house, to ask him a few questions about what its like to be on the employer’s side of the tech industry in Tampa Bay. With over 6 years of working at Haneke Design, Jesse has seen many tech-whiz hopefuls walk through our doors. But what are the preferred skills that companies are looking for when they take on their newest developer?

The Iron Yard’s has it down to a science with helping place students with their first job after graduating the intensive 12-week program. Coders who attend the academy are trained intensively on both front-end and back-end engineering. Because this course is extremely accelerated, grads are fitted with the skill set that will make them not only survive, but thrive in the fast-pace of the real world.

Jesse Curry mentioned, “We’ve been really happy to have a program like this, because in my opinion, it prepares people to work in an actual environment, in a deadline-driven environment, in an environment where quality matters and you need to work with other team members,” he noted. “They throw them in this collaborative environment. I see these folks working with each other, helping each other out, really challenging each other.”

Currently we at Haneke Design have four proud graduates of the Iron Yard, and Curry goes to the Demo Day with hiring fresh talent front of mind. Despite the not-so-cheap price tag of $13,900 for a 12-week program, the benefits seem to immediately outweigh the cost. An entry level programmer in Tampa Bay can make upwards of $60,000 a year. These numbers are in reach for graduates, with The Iron Yard boasting an over 90 percent job placement in Tampa. If that means keeping local jobs and creativity strong, sign us up.

Read the entire Tampa Bay Times article here.


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