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Buzz / 05 16, 2019

Using Images to Enhance Your Content Marketing

We’ve all heard it before – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Have you ever come across a long page of text on the internet and immediately hit the back button in search something a bit less daunting? You probably clicked away looking for a page that has the same information, but in fewer words and with more pictures. And guess what? You found it with no problem.

With the abundance of information on the internet, we have learned to scan each page before diving in, just to make sure it is worth our time. How do we do this? With any text that is called out such as headings and bullet points and, you guessed it – images.

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It has become clear that people respond well to images. Just take a look at the success of platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Even Facebook and Twitter, which originally prioritized text, have seen a shift towards visual content.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images. (Source)

So, when it comes to marketing, images are an important (and necessary) part of creating engaging content. The tricky part is finding the right image. You don’t want to think about images as a way to fill space – these will seem out of place and won’t add any value. Instead, use images that complement your content and draw in the reader.

Types of visual content include:

  • Infographics are great for sharing complicated information and statistics, plus they are highly shareable.
  • Photos need to relate to your content so that readers can get an idea of what your article is about. The title and image are the first impression they will get, so you want to make sure they are engaging. Try including images of real people so that your readers can feel connected to your content.
  • Videos are definitely on the rise. Use videos to show off specific features of your products or to announce new releases – get creative!



If possible, try using original images. Creating your own visuals allows you have complete control of what is in the image and it makes your content more approachable. This doesn’t have to be an expensive process – go out and take photos and videos with your phone. These types of images do very well on social media and can have a big impact on your audience and therefore increase engagement.

If creating original images is not an option for you, there are many free stock photography sites out there. These sites aren’t your typical cheesy stock photos of businessmen shaking hands – stock photos have come a long way. Here are some good places to find beautiful, free images:

Strong visual content combined with concise and well-organized text is what draws an audience and keeps them coming back for more. Not sure how to get started with your digital strategy? Feel free to reach out to Haneke Design. We are a firm that specializes in engaging users through the Internet of Things whether through a blog post or a mobile app!

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