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Buzz / 04 25, 2016


New solution, created for professional wedding photographers, helps clients, photographers, and vendors capture every important shot during the big day.

Wedding planning can be a stressful experience for many brides, grooms, parents – and their photographers. For these professionals, capturing the personalities of each couple, special moments with friends and family, and identifying the right settings for each shot requires careful planning and logistical considerations. To keep her team, clients, and vendors organized, Carrie Wildes of Carrie Wildes Photography devised the perfect solution: Wedding Wiz.

“Our clients rely on us to capture every special moment of their wedding, and as we experienced in the past, that special shot they were envisioning can be thought up on the fly or brought up to us after the big day as something they wish we had captured,” said Wildes. “We created a tool that will help photographers ask the right questions of their clients, create timelines and catalog details leading up to and during the event, and share that with the couple, the photography team and vendors so that everyone is informed and prepared.”

Wedding Wiz offers photographers a questionnaire – developed to ask all the right questions needed to capture each couple’s wedding story – to their clients. The photographer can manage, view and track the details for all of his or her wedding clients from anywhere.

With Wedding Wiz, photographers are the experts with their clients – telling them where they need to be, when to be there and what to do at all times. The schedule is easily shared among the lead photographer, assistants, clients, bridal party, and vendors, so that everyone is on the same page. The bride and groom have one less thing to worry about, knowing that their photographer is organized and in control.

“After years of experience shooting weddings, Carrie learned how to eliminate a great deal of avoidable chaos that can occur on the big day,” said Jody Haneke, President of Haneke Design. “Working with her, we translated her vision into an easy to use solution that we’re confident will keep everyone involved in a wedding relaxed, smiling, and most importantly – thrilled with the photographs.”

Wedding Wiz offers two subscription plans: $15.00 per month and $144.00 per year. Photographers can sign up for a two week free trial without having to give any credit card information. To learn more, visit


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