What We Do - Haneke Design

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices have quickly evolved to become the first “personal computers.” Learn how our approach for native mobile app design and development results in award-winning user experiences.

Responsive Websites

Effective mobile web design has quickly moved beyond a “nice-to-have” into a must-have. We live in a mobile-first world and websites must respond to a consumer’s device of choice in order to ensure an engaging experience.

Web Applications

Our talented design and development teams collaborate closely with your team to create custom web applications to successfully meet any business objective. We have the skills, talent and experience to develop enterprise-quality web solutions from the server to the user.

Digital Marketing

Take control of your digital footprint and see what a digital marketing strategy can do for you and your business. Our Proprietary Process leaves no stone left unturned in your online presence. From SEO & SEM to Social Media Marketing, Haneke Design works with you to define your goals and implement a custom digital marketing strategy.

Print & Graphic Design

Even in today’s digital world, our designers rely on their traditional roots to craft marketing material that’s strategically relevant and effective in the real world.. We help your business cover all tangible touchpoints to engage with your ideal customer.

Brand Identity

Customer loyalty comes from a meaningful brand story. Deliver that on a consistent basis, and you’ll find your message resonating and influencing your customer relationship time and time again.

Motion Graphics & Video

When it comes to the ever-shortening consumer attention span, messaging and content must be creatively positioned in order to stand out and be noticed.