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Our process is simple in keeping your website up-to-date. We work with you on a monthly basis to use the latest technology and marketing strategies to drive traffic to your new responsive website.  
Your website isn’t a one and done. You’re getting a relationship with Haneke Design.
Haneke Design is excited to be combining its 15+ years of enterprise experience with a brand-new service tailored to helping small-to-medium sized businesses. We work with you to design a custom WordPress website. We are Tampa’s premiere native, onshore mobile application and web design agency focused on building an ongoing relationship with you. When you sign with us, you’re getting a partner in helping build your ongoing digital strategy.  

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What We Do

Business & User Assessment

At Haneke Design, we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approaches, or turn-key website designs. The first step in the process is to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your various users and their expectations and behaviors, and how your website factors into all of it.

Custom Design & WordPress Development

Once reviewed by our team, we will be prepared to kick off the design of your new responsive website. Websites need to look good and run smoothly That's why our developers choose to work with WordPress, the platform that power over 25% of all websites. We help strategically position your company to thrive on the web by using best SEO practices, reaching audiences you could never imagine.

Content Integration

Content is king. Haneke Design outlines the user workflow of the entire website based on target users and their determined objective. Placing relevant content will help your users interact longer with you webpages, which is an important factor that Google uses to determine your SEO ranking.

Continuing Support Built right in

We won't leave you hanging after project launch. Haneke Design prides itself in continuing support with our post-launch maintenance plan. Once staged, Haneke Design will initiate our standard 30-day quality of service warranty for the site, which covers any bugs or breaks.

Outside of our standard 30-day services warranty, Haneke Design provides ongoing hosting and maintenance inclusive of 50 hours of design and development services that can be used to implement new features and enhancements.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is quickly becoming as powerful of a search engine as Google. Even if you don't have a social media presence, we can help you carve out your unique place in the social media landscape. We believe in helping your company craft valuable content that will drive visitors back to your website and grow engagement with your overall brand.

Google Analytics Integration

As a company, you want Google on your side. We are a proud Google partner, with experience using custom Google Analytics tools to optimize your website experience for your customers.

After launch, our marketing team will execute a long-term keyword strategy that will bring you qualified customers, grow lifetime loyalty, and ensure a high return on investment by diligently monitoring available metrics. These metrics will allow you to fine-tune your website strategy over time.

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