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Buzz / 07 09, 2019


Web copy is the core text that drives your website’s content. It informs customers of everything from your company’s mission to methodology and can be a major factor in whether or not they choose to do business with you. While going through the process of a redesign, many teams focus on the appearance of the site and overlook the material. In doing so, they overlook the main source of substance on their website and compromise the value of the redesign. Without concise, clear information about your business and what it may offer, customers will easily lose interest. Engaging web copy is essential to an effective digital strategy. The following are ways in which it can make a tangible impact on the success of your website. 


How Effective Writing Can Help


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The terms that you use within your copy play a huge role in determining SEO rankings. They should be used to create an intersection between the expression of your brand and what brings people to your site. When you use keywords in web copy, you create the potential for a higher SEO ranking. When used accurately, they help concentrate your target audience and give your site more authority within the realm of those keywords. Using them reinforces your mission and creates a stronger link to potential customers. The clearer you are about what your company has to offer, the easier it will be for customers to find. 


Efficient Delivery

Your website needs to explain everything about your business that you would want a potential client to know. This, of course, might be a lot of information to present to any user. However, good writing makes it less difficult to communicate everything that you want to say. Good writing is organized, to the point, and easy to read. Nobody wants to read poorly written, run-on sentences, so make sure that you bring forth information in a way that’s concise, professional, and customer-friendly. It makes your business strategy more visible and effective.


Demonstrated Competence

Poor writing can easily drive away customers. Information that’s poorly communicated is much less engaging and looks unprofessional. Good writing tells audiences that you are competent, efficient, and are an authoritative figure within your industry. You come across as more knowledgeable and therefore more capable of helping a client. 



There are many different resources that can help you improve your web copy. Apps such as Grammarly serve as free writing assistants in real time. They notify you of mistakes being made as you write and convey more than just grammatical errors; Grammarly has features that can even help you perfect your style and tone. Purdue OWL is another great source for grammatical help. It is a reliable online database that you can reference for proper usage and writing tips.

If you still need help with your web copy, feel free to reach out to Haneke Design. We offer services that help ensure that your brand identity is expressed through consistent visual and verbal language within your platform. We want to bring your brand to life with a dynamic, high-end presence that will be rewarded with customer loyalty and engagement.

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