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Buzz / 05 14, 2020


Over the past few months, people from all over the world have been forced to stay in their homes due to coronavirus. Social distancing and self-isolation have become the new normal, and it has had a major impact on the way we live, work, and play. As a result, we have seen a huge spike in downloads of certain types of apps. Let’s take a look at which apps are thriving as well as which types of apps have seen a decrease in downloads.


Business and Educational Applications

As people are working and attending school from home, it comes as no surprise that applications such as Zoom and Slack have seen increased downloads. Apps such as these have become essential to daily working life as they allow teams to remain efficient and collaborative while working from home.


Entertainment and Game Applications

Restaurants, beaches, salons, and gyms have all remained closed forcing people to find entertainment at home. Video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu fall under this category as well as the increasingly popular TikTok app.


Fitness and Health Applications

Gyms and parks remain closed resulting in increased fitness app downloads as consumers search for ways to remain active and healthy without leaving their homes.


Travel and Finance Applications

As countries all over the world close their borders and restrict traveling, it is no surprise that travel apps have seen a significant decrease in downloads. Similarly, finance apps have fallen overall, but downloads are starting to increase again as businesses begin to open.


As we near the end of lockdown and businesses begin to open their doors, it will be interesting to see how app downloads continue to change.

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