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Buzz / 03 16, 2023


There’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.

AI is constantly changing our world, and ChatGPT is paving the way.

Chatbots aren’t a new concept, but ChatGPT differentiates itself with natural-sounding language – if you didn’t know AI was behind it, it could easily be mistaken for a chat with a real human.


ChatGPT is Breaking Records

ChatGPT is officially the fastest-growing consumer application.

According to a UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) study, ChatGPT has reached an estimated 100 million monthly active users within just two months of launching, making it the fastest growing consumer application in history.

To put it in perspective, here is how long it took other applications to reach 100 million users worldwide:

Instagram: 2.5 years
Facebook: 4.5 years
Twitter: 5 years
TikTok: 9 months

The same study by UBS, citing data from analytics firm Similarweb, shows that ChatGPT is averaging more than 13 million daily visitors.


What Exactly Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot, meaning users can ask it about a wide range of topics, such as personal hobbies, interests, or current events, but its abilities go well beyond conversation.

It can generate a multitude of text-based material, like emails, advertisements, poetry, or computer code, or answer questions about complex topics like science, technology, and history. It can also tell jokes, make suggestions, and give advice.

ChatGPT has even passed law exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and another exam at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. It has also passed a Stanford Medical School final in clinical reasoning, as well as all three parts of the United States medical licensing examination.


How Does it Work?

The GPT in ChatGPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. As the name suggests, Generative is a model that can generate text.

ChatGPT  understands and generates human-like language through a process called deep learning.

Through this process, Chat-GPT is “trained” to mimic writing styles, avoid certain types of conversations, and learn from your questions. This allows it to refine its answers as you ask more questions, and then store what it learned.

It has no real “intelligence”, meaning it is not capable of understanding what a word means. It can, however, understand how that word is used. This understanding enables it to effectively write articles, answer questions, make suggestions, and more.


Up Next: Chat GPT Plus

According to Open AI, ChatGPT will be releasing ChatGPT Plus; a subscription plan.

ChatGPT Plus will be available for $20/month. Subscribers will gain access to several benefits such as faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements.

ChatGPT Plus will not be available to everyone. The AI app subscription is currently limited to a select pool of users, but you can add yourself to the OpenAI ChatGPT API Waitlist.


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