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Buzz / 02 28, 2024


In the fast-paced world of digital collaboration, small teams are leveraging the power of collaborative tools to enhance communication and boost productivity. Let’s dive into some game-changing tools that can transform the way your team collaborates effortlessly.

Slack: Team Chat Redefined

Slack takes center stage as a powerhouse for real-time communication. With its intuitive interface and organized channels, Slack provides a dynamic platform for team members to share ideas, files, and updates instantly. The integration of bots and app connections ensures that your team stays in the loop without drowning in a sea of emails.

Slack is a game-changer for communication. It’s the perfect middle ground between emails, which can slip through the cracks, and text messages, which can cross professional boundaries,” says Haneke Design Software Development Project Manager, Lauren McBride.


Basecamp: Your Project Command Center

Basecamp is the go-to tool for project management and team collaboration. Basecamp simplifies task assignments, file sharing, and project timelines, making it an indispensable ally for small teams. The centralized dashboard ensures that everyone is on the same page, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flow seamlessly.

“Basecamp is every project manager’s best friend! It helps keep our team organized and connected with clients, plus ensures our projects are on track,” explains Mary Kate Downing, Haneke Design Software Development Project Manager.


Harvest & Forecast: Streamlined Time Tracking & Resource Planning

Harvest and Forecast seamlessly integrate to provide a comprehensive solution for time tracking and resource planning. Harvest allows teams to track time spent on tasks, while Forecast offers insights into project timelines and resource allocation. Together, they empower teams to optimize their workflows, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Harvest & Forecast are essential for our team —they are woven into our process to ensure our resources are fully utilized and projects stay within expected timelines and budgets,Don Gillespie, Haneke Design Resource Manager, explains. 


Google Workspace: A Unified Hub for Collaboration

Google Workspace is a comprehensive suite of tools that unifies communication and collaboration. From Gmail to Google Docs and Sheets, this integrated platform provides a seamless experience for teams. Real-time editing, commenting, and file sharing facilitate smooth collaboration, empowering small teams to work cohesively.

Google Workspace is a must-have for our team! It gives us the ability to create, edit and share ideas, streamlining collaboration across our entire team,” says Gillian Cline, Haneke Design Software Development Project Manager.  

The synergy between small teams and collaborative tools unlocks a world of possibilities. By incorporating these top-notch tools into your workflow, your team can communicate seamlessly, stay organized, and boost overall productivity. 


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