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Brand Identity / 08 06, 2019


Portrait of Daniel Tartaglia

Haneke Design has promoted Daniel Tartaglia to his new position as the Director of Development. Daniel has been with the company since 2010 as a developer and has consistently and successfully contributed to the delivery of user-centered solutions for mobile and tablet services to our clients. He has a strong commitment to the success of the company and a passion for learning and sharing his wisdom with all those around him.

As the Director of Development, Daniel’s main responsibility is to lead the development department and oversee all production. In addition, he will help Haneke Design stay ahead of the curve by being attentive to new development trends and shifts happening in the industry.

“I am pumped to have him lead our development team and collaborate with the leadership team,” said Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design. “I am confident he will be a strong advocate for the development staff and will also remain an active coder and contributor himself.”

Daniel started programming in high school by following along in a main-frame tutorial and using his TRS-80 4K Level 1 computer. In 1984 he moved up to a Macintosh, and by the late 90’s he had started his career as a professional developer. He has professionally written C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Swift. His diverse experience within the field serves as a true testament to his talents. His passion for development is also evident in his commitment to the OOP movement and to reactive programming, which he believes will be “the next big thing”. 

In addition to his efforts at Haneke Design, Daniel works to position himself as a thought leader within the industry by staying active on Twitter, Medium and the RxSwift Slack channel as well as a number of other sites using the handle danielt1263.

We’re excited to add such a valued member of the Haneke Design family to our leadership team. We know that the future will have many great things in store for him.


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