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Buzz / 07 08, 2020


iON Classic partners with Haneke Design to create a new mobile application for automotive enthusiasts.

iON Classic is the first and only mobile application designed specifically for automotive enthusiasts. Automotive enthusiasts recognize the need for great documentation of their vehicle’s restoration and modification journey. With a desire to digitize this process, iON Classic enlisted the expertise of Haneke Design to uncover ways their business could be improved through the creative use of technology.

As a solution, Haneke Design created a native iOS and Android application designed specifically for car owners. The application allows users to upload photos, see details of their car(s), and receipts of work that has been done. The mobile application allows users to show off their car in a community of like-minded individuals and acts as an audit history of all the work that has been done on the vehicle. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, users have the ability to transfer the digital documentation within iON Classic to the new owner, giving them a detailed history of the car. 

“Collaborating with Haneke Design on this project has been an excellent experience since day one,” said Michael O’Brien, Founder of iON Classic. “They sat down with us and took the time to fully understand our vision for this application. We couldn’t be happier with the results and are excited to work with the Haneke Design team on digital engagement strategies that will continually connect us with automotive enthusiasts.”

In addition to the mobile application, Haneke Design created a web app for shop owners to share their work with the iON Classic community. These users consist of shop owners and mechanics who have the ability to share photos and information about work that they are doing, creating a detailed portfolio. Car owners can then view these portfolios and make informed decisions on where to bring their vehicles to have work completed. 

iON Classic was designed with a focus on helping owners get more value from their investments of time and money. By bringing together the power of a purpose-built mobile application, Amazon Web Services, and best practices in social networking, iON Classic is helping its users create an automotive digital diary that users will enjoy using. 

iON Classic is now available for download in both the iOS and Android app stores. 

About iON Classic

iON Classic is the first and only mobile app designed specifically for Automotive enthusiasts. iON Classic’s mission is to help the automotive restoration professional or enthusiast in creating digital documentation while offering a fun and easy way to connect to the community of shops, car owners, and mechanics. iON Classic is now available for download in both the iOS and Android app stores.

About Haneke Design

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