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Buzz / 03 30, 2010

Haneke Design Launches Hatch Lighting Online

Side-HatchwebHaneke Design, a leading graphic, interactive and user experience design firm, today announced the launch of Hatch Lighting’s completely redesigned Web site, www.hatchlighting.com.  Hatch Lighting, the leading designer and manufacturer of premium power lighting products for the lighting industry since 1985, offers a full line of powers supplies including HID Ballasts, Low Voltage Electronic Transformers, LED Drivers, and Fluorescent Ballasts.

The new Web site integrates with Hatch Lighting’s enterprise resource planning system, offers an online catalog searchable by technical criteria within specific categories, and delivers lightning fast search results.  Before they built the site, Haneke Design’s user experience team devoted extensive attention to understanding how Hatch Lighting’s customers would be able to get what they needed online quickly so that visiting the site and doing business there would be as useful and convenient as possible.

Haneke Design offers clients a range of capabilities that include graphic, user experience, interactive, and mobile Web design.  The design team is complemented by a group of technical integration specialists whose expertise includes back end integration of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and other systems essential for businesses operating online today.

About Hatch Lighting
Hatch customers have trusted the company for 25 years to provide them with the top-notch products and personal service that only an independent manufacturer can provide. Today, Hatch has stayed true to its roots and is the premier independent full-line power supply manufacturer in the industry. Whether you need transformers, HID ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, or LED Drivers, Hatch has you covered.


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