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Buzz / 11 23, 2016


New leadership initiative created to showcase team’s diverse technical proficiencies and disseminate new knowledge to colleagues and clients in new Mentors Program

Keeping up with the latest coding languages, applications, and other game-changing new developments like the Internet of Things can be a challenge. For designers and developers already busy with client projects, carving out the hours to acquire these new skills can be a challenge – but it’s also absolutely essential.

To support their team’s acquisition of new skills and celebrate those who’ve achieved exceptional proficiency in specific disciplines, Haneke Design created the Mentors program. The new internal recognition initiative was launched to recognize the subject matter expertise of individual Haneke team members and provide incentives to develop further proficiencies with agency support.

“Our goal is for everyone in the organization to become a Mentor in a specific subject or technical skill,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “We will support the training and materials they require to become an expert in the discipline they’ve chosen. In turn, each Mentor will become the agency’s go-to resource on that topic, responsible for educating and assisting colleagues as needed.”

The first three Haneke Design Mentors and their subject matter expertise are:

haneke design design mentor portraits

From left to right: Kyle Swartz, Web Apps, Thomas Komarnicki, Android, and Daniel Tartaglia, iOS

Mentors will be called upon to participate in client meetings, share their knowledge with colleagues, and present at industry conferences.

“We’ve made a commitment to continuous learning and new tool adoption,” said Haneke. “The Mentors program is a great way for our team to identify new skills they want to learn and provide the support and encouragement they need to master them.”


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