Haneke Design Launches New York State Voter Education Web Site - Haneke Design

Buzz / 08 21, 2008

Haneke Design Launches New York State Voter Education Web Site

Side-VotenyHaneke Design was engaged by New York State to create a Web site to educate voters on new voting equipment and show how to use the new machines. The Web site also had to meet Section 508 requirements, which means the information had to be accessible to people with disabilities.

To accomplish these goals, Haneke Design created a dynamic Web experience that includes interactive videos where voters can learn about the new voting machines. Closed captioning is available, as well as full transcripts to provide necessary content accessibility for all user situations. The Web site meets Section 508 compliance in a number of ways. The code itself was streamlined using XHTML and CSS, making 508 compliance top priority.


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