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Buzz / 05 21, 2015


One World ExplorerTAMPA, FLA. (May 29, 2015) – Haneke Design, an award-winning interactive agency focused on user-centered solutions for mobile devices, today announced the launch of the One World Explorer iPad application, an interactive tablet experience created for visitors to the new One World Trade Center in New York. The three story One World Observatory, atop the tallest building in the western hemisphere, includes various interactive and innovative technologies, immersing visitors in an informative and engaging environment where they can experience New York City like never before. Guests can rent the customized iPads to orient themselves with the city and take virtual helicopter tours of over 40 New York landmarks.

“This is by far the most exciting and emotionally meaningful mobile app project we’ve ever created,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design and a New Jersey native. “Trips to the World Trade Center were a routine part of my childhood and early adult life, resulting in many great memories. It’s an honor for me and my team to have the opportunity to design and develop the One World Explorer app and bring New York City’s skyline and rich history to life for today’s visitors.”

The pre-installed Explorer app allows visitors from all over the globe the ability, regardless of fog, rain or darkness, to view a stunning 360-degree view of the skyline of New York, just by facing the iPad in a desired direction while strolling around the observation deck.

Points of interest within the panoramic view are highlighted and identified by overlaying graphic indicators, displaying iconic buildings, historic places, cultural icons, and sports and entertainment venues. With the tap of a finger, visitors can easily select a particular point of interest, resulting in a quick virtual flight from the tower down to the location.

“We have been absolutely delighted with the early reviews of the One World Explorer app,” said Joel Baumwoll, CEO of One World Explorer productions. “The collaborative efforts of Haneke Design, Marty Wolff, Evan Joseph and Napoleon Group have resulted in an engaging, immersive, virtual experience that will enable visitors from any country to interactively explore the city from the observation deck, regardless of the weather conditions.”

To create a heightened sensory experience, the Explorer app displays full screen videos in real time at a consistent frame rate upon visitor interaction and includes a 3D sound engine capable of providing binaural audio. The sound engine can attenuate sounds based on the viewer’s orientation to manage and maintain a rich audio landscape within limited device memory.

As the visitor scans the city below with the iPad, the app automatically implements an algorithm for accurately calibrating the view in the display with the actual direction the tablet is pointing, thus maintaining a high level of accuracy regardless of the weather conditions outside.

The One World Explorer app can be experienced exclusively at the One World Trade Center Observatory. Visitors can rent the iPads pre-loaded with the Explorer app for $15.

About Haneke Design:
Driven to amaze and delight users, Haneke Design is a Tampa, Florida-based interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Haneke Design works with some of the world’s leading brands and advertising agencies to deliver multi-platform, cross-device campaigns. Additionally, Haneke Design helps SMB and enterprise customers mobilize their web applications and web services. These solutions integrate seamlessly, are easy to use, and deliver bottom line results.

For more information, visit https://hanekedesign.com.


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