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Buzz / 08 16, 2013

Haneke Design Renews Support for BarCamp Tampa Bay

On September 28th, hundreds of coders will convene at the University of South Florida’s College of Business in Tampa for the annual BarCamp Tampa Bay event.  As it has in the past, Haneke Design is participating as a major sponsor for the event.

“We are happy to support BarCamp again this year and are happy to see that it’s getting bigger and better all the time,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design.  “It’s a great opportunity for us to discover some great talent, share knowledge and ideas, and meet up with a bunch of great people who are as passionate about mobile development and the latest coding languages as we are.”

This year’s camp will be combining two separate events, BarCamp Tampa Bay and Code Camp Tampa. Each event has separately drawn over 400 people each.  Event organizers expect nearly 1000 people to attend.

Despite sharing the same name, the two types of camps are actually quite different. Code Camp speakers submit presentation topics weeks in advance. Speaker topics are approved, tracks are created and the schedule published several weeks in advance of the scheduled event.  BarCamps have empty speaking slots that are not filled until the morning of the day of the event.

The public is invited to attend, and the event is free to participants.  VIP and Supporter tickets are also available for attendees who wish to provide financial support for the event.


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