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Buzz / 08 30, 2011

Haneke Design’s Latest iPad Application, CaptureTab, Delivers Trade Show Success

side-CaptureTabHaneke Design is proud to announce the launch of CaptureTab, an iPad survey application that allows companies to better engage prospects, collect valuable contact information and get immediate feedback at trade shows and conferences. Jody Haneke will unveil and demonstrate CaptureTab at the Internet Technology Summit on August 31, 2011 at the Tampa Convention Center.

“We created CaptureTab to help clients accomplish the three goals of trade show success: attracting attention, securing and providing information, and leaving a memorable impression on prospects,” said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “CaptureTab offers an exciting and fun way for companies to show prospects how their products work and obtain leads and other data. There’s also an option to incentivize participation with things like giveaways, rewards, discounts, and other prizes. And thanks to the iPad’s total portability, company representatives can interact with people in their booth, at a café table, or in a breakout session.”

Before launching CaptureTab, Haneke Design enlisted several clients to try out the application in actual trade shows and share their experiences and suggestions.

“My team loved the versatility of this application,” said Rich Casey, chairman and CEO, The Casey Group, who beta tested CaptureTab at a June event. “We were able to do demonstrations, have attendees interact with our product, and collect immediate feedback in the booth and out on the floor.”

Haneke Design can customize the survey to a company’s desired look and product or service. All of the data is stored and synchronized with Haneke Design’s server, and since CaptureTab is a native application, network connectivity is not required. Users don’t have to worry about spotty Internet connection and can roam the trade show floor, interacting with as many prospects as possible. After the show, the data gathered on the iPad can be exported in various formats.

“Wow! The first time we used CaptureTab, we were blown away by how easy it was to get people to take our survey,” said William Cobb, VP & GM Stratus Video, who tested the application at a recent conference. “The novelty of using the iPad coupled with the interactive features and video got us the data we needed, and word of the app’s ‘cool factor’ actually drove trade show attendees to our booth just to check it out.”

The Internet Technology Summit is an all-day event with more than 1,000 technology executives, business strategists, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, developers and venture investors in attendance. In addition to unveiling CaptureTab, Haneke is also speaking on the “There’s More to Mobile” panel to discuss mobile strategy, marketing and apps with fellows industry experts.


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