/ 07 03, 2013

Haneke Design Leadership Team to Host Office Hours for Tampa Bay Wave

Starting this month, a group of subject matter experts in topics such as customer development, product development, business strategy, UI/UX design, and PPC strategies will share their expertise with anyone who has questions during regularly scheduled office hours at the FirstWaVE Venture Center in Tampa.  Several members of the Haneke Design team, including Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design; Jesse Curry, director of development; David LaMarre, director of account services, and Jason Rivers, director of design services, will host several hours during the month to assist co-workers and accelerator participants with questions about product development and design.

Those interested in seeking the team’s advice, as well as the advice of the other experts, need to sign up for office hour slots that will be available for them to get first dibs 24 hours before notice is given to the general public. General public access to office hours will be at FirstWaVE’s standard $15 per day drop-in rate, which will also afford visitors access to the center’s other resources and a full day of co-working.


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