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Buzz / 10 03, 2016


Haneke Design creates the animated features to review differences in and benefits of LotVantage’s digital products for dealers and resellers

Business is brisk at LotVantage, a fast-growing provider of classified ad posting software for car, boat, and RV dealers. But the company found that its sales team was spending a great deal of time answering basic questions about the differences in LotVantage’s product offerings. To help LotVantage’s customers better understand those differences and make informed purchase decisions quickly, Haneke Design has created two new animated videos that clearly explain the benefits of the customer and reseller program options in under a minute.

“The first series of videos that Haneke Design produced for us were highly successful at communicating the value of our solutions to our customers,” said Matthew Brown, president & CEO of LotVantage. “These new videos accomplish two important goals: First, they quickly guide our prospects through the different options available across our marketing suite.  Second, they provide digital collateral for our business partners.”

The first of the two videos provides an overview of LotVantage’s three flexible integration options that offer customers increased revenue opportunities.

The second video explains in more detail the differences between those three options for resellers: from a simple web login option to a hybrid pop out model to the more robust full API integration.

“It’s been a great experience working with the LotVantage team and understanding the steps on their customers’ journey from curiosity about their products, to purchase, to full optimization of the software and increased profitability,” said said Jody Haneke, president of Haneke Design. “We’re confident that these new videos will help to accelerate revenue gains for both LotVantage and their customers.”

Check out LotVantage’s latest videos http://motors.lotvantage.com/reseller-program


About LotVantage

LotVantage’s core focus on free and classified marketplaces for dealerships has put us ahead of the competition when it comes to funneling traffic, collecting leads, and – what really matters – converting shoppers into customers. To learn more, visit motors.lotvantage.com.


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